Arduino and the Taos TSL230R Light Sensor: Getting Started

Interesting little device here that will detect light levels similar to a light meter…

The Roaming Drone

The TSL230R light sensor IC is an interesting package: a light sensing circuit wrapped up in a clear plastic casing. This neat little device will convert irradiance (the light energy on the surface of the sensor) into frequency. Working with a simple input concept like a frequency means that we won’t have to build any extra circuitry to get the full range of information from the circuit, and having an accurate measure of radiance means that we’ll be able to convert easily over to illuminance, which is how the light looks to us. Obviously, once we can answer the question about how light looks, we can use this information to control other things. (Some great examples are: camera exposure, dimming displays, machine vision, etc.)

This guide is intended to walk you through the basics of interfacing the TSL230 series of chips from Taos with your friendly Arduino microcontroller. The…

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