Joining the Quest for Blue competition

Joining in the “Quest for Blue”! Goal of this new competition out of Australia’s Saber is to design and simulate a space mission within the limits of the hypothetical seed money (US$10M) for a new startup with the end goal for the competition to kickstart a new community of space entrepreneurs. As the space industry grows around the world Saber has a goal to make the Quest series a playground of virtual exploration for smart people to propose the business concepts for #newspace projects of tomorrow.

“Quest For Blue” is a Saber Astronautics initiative that is part of their mission to lower the barriers to space flight and democratize the industry. Saber has a long history of public engagement and support, training space engineers from undergraduate through to graduate level.


Northrop to Help Air Force Research Lab Develop Solar Power Tech Under $100M Contract

Seems that the Air Force Research Lab will be funding a Space Based Solar Power (SBSP) demonstrator with a new $100M project. Finally! (see previous posts on this blog from 2013 (KSI SC 809 SBSP) and 2016 (DARPA D3 Presentation))…

Northrop to Help Air Force Research Lab Develop Solar Power Tech Under $100M Contract channel with some Arduino work

Been while since I posted but have done a bit of robot work that is out there on my new channel here:

in relation to my work with the Australian Space Pioneers group:

More coming as we prepare for the first ever Maker Faire in Asheville!

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems (UAV/UAS) or as popularly named “DRONES”

After a year or two of flying some small hobby-grade drones (Syma X-11, X-5) including solar charging, I have moved on up to a mid-range drone – the Cheerson CX-20 (white drone below). This larger quadcopter drone is capable to lift Go-Pro sized high quality cameras and I have acquired a Go-Pro clone camera that is HD (1080p), 2.7K and 4K video capable to continue my adventures with aerial imaging, GPS navigation and remote operational testing.

Shipyard 1 Diagram Illustration

Concept here looks good…

Space Workbench

Shipyard 1 Diagram: This construction platform integrates a large scalable 3D printer system, enabling construction of cutting edge in-orbit, which could one day lead to thousands of people living in space as a result of the enormous lightweight pressurized volumes that could be eventually produced utilizing returned asteroid materials from a vibrant asteroid mining industry. Products fabricated include cubesats, paneling, trusses, telescope arrays, vessel furniture and domicile products, and more. Perhaps the most important capability, the production of lightweight paneling and shielding, which can be transformed into large open volumes for LEO colonization, will drive demand for asteroid returned resource materials in the 21st century.

Introducing the latest rendering concept diagram. All Rights Reserved. 2015. (c)(TM).

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